So, What Is Uber?

A location-based app that makes hiring an on-demand private driver...easy.

For riders, Uber is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. Hire a private driver to pick you up & take you to your destination with the tap of a button on your phone - and they'll arrive within minutes. Not only is it an on-demand car service, but you can see exactly where the driver is as they come to pick you up.

For drivers, Uber provides exceptional pay while allowing you to be your own boss & pick your own hours. Take on fares whenever you wish (work as little or as much as you want) while meeting people in your city from all walks of life.

Uber Company Logo - Black
  • Launched in San Francisco, California
  • Now operates in 548+ cities in 68 countries
  • Currently valued at more than $70 billion

How Does Uber Work?

For Riders:

Taking rides with Uber

To start using Uber as a passenger, first you must signup to create an account. We recommend signing up through this promo to take advantage of a free first ride up to $22. After signing up, you'll then need to download & install the app for your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone.

Once you have created your account and installed the app - launch the app! You will then see a login prompt of which you can sign in with the credentials you used during the signup process.

After signing in to your new account, you'll need to either link your credit card or PayPal account as a form of payment. You will only be charged when you take rides, but this allows for a cash-free environment.

Now you're ready! Whenever you need a ride; Simply open up the Uber app on your phone, insure the pickup location is where you are now, select the car service you prefer from the bottom, tap "Set Pickup Location", then confirm your request by tapping "Tap To Request". *You must be at least 18 years old to ride with Uber (21+ to drive).

The main car services that you're likely to see are UberX, UberXL, UberBLACK and UberSUV.

For Drivers:

Becoming an Uber driver

Driving for Uber lets you be your own boss, set your own hours, and earn a nominal wage - all while using your own car.

Most drivers love the fact that they get to meet a wide variety of the people in their city.

You must be atleast 21 years old to become a driver. You also must own/have access to a good condition 4-door vehicle. The actual year requirements vary by car service & city-specific requirements at times - but it's safe to say that your car cannot be older than 2006 - in any city. Of course each car service has different requirements; For example Uber BLACK requires a higher end black sedan with leather interior.

If you've hit everything on the checklist so far, and you have valid car insurance, your drivers license for atleast a year, and no major criminal history - you're ready to apply to become a driver. They'll send you a detailed welcome email upon approval telling you the final steps to start taking fares!

Is Uber Safe?

Many people want to know just how safe Uber truly is, and rightfully so - Your safety is infinitely important. The truth is for a "taxi" service, Uber is extremely safe. Passengers get to rate their driver/overall experience after each ride, and drivers are reliant on good overall ratings - otherwise they'll get the boot. Likewise, drivers get to rate the passenger after each ride; So other drivers can get a heads up about troublesome or belligerent riders.

As of recently, Uber has been giving their driver and passenger overall user experience and personal security protocols a complete overhaul. User safety has always been important at Uber; But it's never been a bigger priority than it is today.

Watch this video to learn the basics!